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Why Use Marble  
One of marble’s best features is its durability. Builders have relied upon this natural stone for centuries to provide a strong material that will last for a long time. When purchasing and installing high-quality marble tiles, you can feel great in knowing that they will stand the test of time and keep their appearances for the years to come (if properly maintained.)
Marble is also considered a hypoallergenic choice for floors. Because of its density, marble tiles does not store or accumulate antigens and particles like dust and pollen that can cause allergic reactions. This makes it a more sanitary surface that promotes improved air qualities indoors. 
In additions to its durability and health benefits, marble floor tiling stays refreshingly cool during hot summer months. 
Common Finishes 
Polished: The most popular finish for marble, polishing gives the stone a highly reflective sheen that produces the least porous finished surface. A polished finished is created when a stone surface reaches, its most refined stage. It is buffed to the highest level possible, and the result are either a high shine that can be achieved naturally. This finish gives the stone a very elegant and rich look, providing it with a pinnacle depth of colour. 
Honed: This finish is created by buffing the stone slightly less than the highest level. The result is a smooth but dull appearance. A honed finish refers to any level that is less than polished therefore encompasses many level of dullness. 
Brushed: Brushed marble has slightly rough texture and a matte finish. More antique and is less slippery compared to honed or polished finish. 
Standard Sizes 
610 X 610 X 12.7
610 X 406 X 12.7
610 X 305 X 12.7
457 X 457 X 12.7
406 X 406 X 12.7
305 X 305 X 12.7