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Sandstone has been a part of architectural history since civilization began. Our sandstone range offers a unique appearance and easy workability that continues in adding wonderfully toned and textured surfaces in a variety of setting.

The unique, striated weathering patterns which sandstone is known to add, provides a look which brings out the best in surrounding designs element of our interiors. Our sandstone tile is offered in shades of browns, gold, pink, greys, and green. These earthy colours in the sandstone tile we offer match a number of interiors and exterior surroundings, and they’re durable too.

  • Our Sandstone Range Delivers:Look – a unique appearance and texture to help define a number of indoor and outdoor features 
  • Comfortable Practicality: A warm and slip-resistant surface
  • Value to Designers: A tastefully muted colour spectrum allows for your creative ideas to come to life.
  • Durability: Very durable natural stone for tile thanks to elements fused together with sand over millions of years in the beds of ancient rivers and lakes which act as binding agents.

Standard Sizes:

  • 600 X 600 X 10-20
  • 400 X 400 X 8-15
  • 300 X 300 X 8-15