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Type details


Travertine creates a modern, fresh and functional atmosphere while still feeling warm and welcoming. Various finishes can create a more rustic feel if desired. Although many different colours are available we stock the more popular pastel beige to light grey tones.
Travertine finishes 
Honed:A honed finish is flay and satin smooth with a low shine matte finish. Honed travertine is the most popular choice for home finish.
Polished:The travertine smoothened and polished to a shiny, reflective surface similar to marble. This finish is mostly common in commercial applications.
Saw cut:A flat, very matte finish with no honing or polish. No further finishing after being cut with a wet saw.
Tumbled:Tumbled travertine is the most natural finish, resulting in a highly textured finish with no shine and edges that are rounded with a worn appearance that resembles ancient stone. Tumbled travertine is most often found in outdoor installations.
Unfilled: Travertine in its naturally porous state with naturally occurring holes
Filled: Most commonly, the porous holes in travertine are filled with a mixture of a harder like cement and dust by products from the cutting and honing process for a perfect colour match.
Vein cut travertine: Before travertine becomes a tile, travertine is pulled from the earth in the form of a block. Veins of various minerals, each of a unique colour and texture run through the block of stone. These mineral veins will give the future tiles their pattern and character. The nature of that pattern, however, is determined by what direction the stone block is sliced.
A vein cut travertine tile shows the mineral veins running either lengthwise along the slab or vertically. This is also known as cutting against the vein.
Standard sizes
610 X 610 X 12
610 X 406 X 12
610 X 305 X 12
457 X 457 X 12
406 X 406 X 12
305 X 305 X 12